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Fractured is an interactive adaptation of select Sappho fragments, exploring the nature of translation and inserting oneself into a text. What new meanings are made by this collaboration? What is the purpose of translating a text that is heavily fragmented? What assumptions do we place on the author based on choices of the translator? What relationship develops between the author and the translator during the act of translation?

Simply click any link (blue text) to reveal insertions/changes to the Anne Carson translation.

The links and text changes depending on how many times you visit that page and other pages you've visited.

Standard text is the origional translation. Italics are insertions/changes.

Click "again" to go to the last page.

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Fractured was developed as an assignment for ENGH 479: Intro to Litarary Translation at George Mason University (spring '19)

Anne Carson's "If Not, Winter"

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