It is winter again. Somehow. I’m walking with Pocket though the park, the two of us bundled up against the fresh snow that surrounds us. It is both a familiar feeling and yet something strange. He laughs, and it’s almost like the thousands of crystals echo the sound back.

“Hey Pocket. How long have I known you?”

“Forever.” He grins.

“Then why don’t I know anything about you?”

“Don’t you?”

Pets, family, house, even a last name. Nothing comes to me.

“How did we meet?”

“Don’t you remember?”

I’m silent for too long. “I want to hear your side.”

His grin widens. “Once upon a time….” He laughs. The thousands of crystals laugh back.

I look around the park. Everything feels muffled, suffocating. I glance behind us and the snow looks undisturbed. We’ve been walking for hours.

“Pocket, how did we meet.”

“I already told you. You’ve known me forever.”

>>Forever and a day